<a href="https://habanasboardwalk.com/our-appetizers/"><b>Our Appetizers</b></a><p>Our appetizers will  remind you that food is to be enjoyed.</p> <a href="https://habanasboardwalk.com/our-entrees/"><b>Our Entrees</b></a><p>Treat your taste buds to an authentic cuisine from Havana.</p> <a href="https://habanasboardwalk.com/our-desserts/"><b>Our Desserts</b></a><p>Our Latin desserts consist of flan, tres leches and many more.</p> <a href="https://habanasboardwalk.com/cuban-sandwich/"><b>Our sandwiches</b></a><p>The best Latin sandwiches that the world has to offer.</p> <a href="https://habanasboardwalk.com/sides/"><b>Our sides</b></a><p>Our  sides include delectable sweet plantains and more.</p>
Our Restaurant

Habanaboardwalk is a Tallahassee Cuban Restaurant that serves the most authentic Havana cuisine.

Our Cuisine

We adhere to the traditional Cuban cooking standards. For the latest News about our restaurant In Tallahassee or for any specials please come on over.

Our Menu

"For our menu and dishes, we use mainly spices, such as garlic, cumin, oregano, and bay laurel leaves and a sofrito as a basis for many of them.

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Whether casual or formal, any occasion calls for Habanaboardwalk. Please contact us for reservations or directions. Come visit us in Tallahassee to enjoy the most exquisite Latin food in Florida.


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8 / 29 /201403:05 AM
A message from the manager

Thank you for visiting.  We are here to serve you.

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Press Reviews
I really enjoyed Habana’s, and will definetly be back to sample other items off their menu. Tallahassee.com

Taste and Service are A. Sweet Tea & Bourbon
Fan Reviews

"Habana's Boardwalk is by far the best Cuban restaurant in Tallahassee!" Twitter

"We used to frequent Black Bean in Tallahassee for Cuban food. The flavor and quality at Habana's is definitely better.." Trip Advisor

"We highly recommend Habana's, and will return." Yelp

"Pretty Good Food" Urban Spoon

Habana's Boardwalk def had the best Cuban food I've ever had. The fried plantains were cooked to perfection and the arroz con frijoles were amazing. Plus, the waitress was really nice. Yahoo

"I'm originally from South Florida and this does the trick when I'm homesick for some Cuban food. So far good food and experience!! Yahoo

"Excellent local place!My boyfriend and I found this place near our apartment upon moving to Tallahassee. It is very small, quit, and above all cheap. The food is fantastic!‎" Google

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